About Us

The shareholders of the Firm have many years of combined experience practicing law in Florida and extensive expertise in representing businesses, financial institutions, cities, counties, school boards, regulatory boards, state agencies and special districts. The Firm has an acute understanding and appreciation of the breadth of issues facing businesses and local government in Florida; is responsive to the needs of its clients and their staff; and dedicates itself to providing results-oriented legal representation in an efficient manner.

Maintaining the highest level of legal ability requires commitment and competence. Several of the attorneys within the Firm have demonstrated their commitment and competence by becoming “Certified Specialists” or "Board Certified" in their respective areas of practice. To become a “Certified Specialist” or "Board Certified", an attorney must demonstrate to The Florida Bar through peer review, increased continuing education, and by passing a comprehensive written examination that they have special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in their area of practice. "Board Certified" attorneys make up only a small percentage of The Florida Bar’s total membership.
The Florida Bar Board Certification.

Attorneys for the Firm pride themselves on being proactive problem solvers, counseling clients to prevent legal issues from arising, who also have the ability to litigate aggressively and effectively when necessary. They stay on the cutting edge of legal developments in order to provide progressive and effective legal advice and services to their business and local government clients. Attorneys for the Firm frequently present seminars in new and evolving areas of the law and train business leaders, political officials, appointed board members, and staff on a variety of legal issues facing business and local government.